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ADRA is an independent agency established by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. It has an identity and administration separate from the church. The values that shape the agency are the traditional Christian values of the potential of each individual to reflect the compassionate image of God, the dignity that is inherent in every person, and the importance of quality in human life.
The worldwide headquarters of the ADRA network is located in Washington DC, USA. However, the local board of ADRA Nigeria office consists of indigenous men and women in business, church administration, education, oil and gas, healthcare, engineering, academia and development. Furthermore, it is ADRA’s policy to hire primarily local staff whenever possible, bringing in outside expertise only when such capacity is lacking in the country or it is specifically warranted for a given project of donor. By this definition, ADRA is American, Taiwanese, Brazilian, Dutch, Kenyan, English, Nigerian, etc...
ADRA does not proselytize. It operates and is motivated by love. It has no strings attached. God’s love in ADRA program activities is expressed when it reaches out to those in need regardless of race, gender and political or religious affiliation. ADRA operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and has established track record of working in harmony with and respecting a broad array of cultures, traditions, and people of non-Christian faith. The positive impact of ADRA’s contribution in all these countries validates our heritage and belief in benevolent giving.
The ADRA network is composed of donor countries and implementing countries. ADRAs presence in donor countries fulfill the requirements of many foreign governments that contracts be awarded to a national entity for implementation elsewhere. Some foreign governments, businesses, private foundations and individuals award contracts for specific projects directly to ADRA. In either case, implementing country offices such as ADRA Nigeria serve as a local partner to channel resources and assistance to those citizens most in need. The greatest need if for gifts of cash for direct support of our programs and projects. You can become a part of our team and finance, or recommend ADRA’s work in Nigeria.
ADRA’s philosophy is to collectively help the least favored groups of people in a society. Each group participating in a project must also themselves be involved in every stage of the cycle-needs assessment, implementation, reporting, monitoring and evaluation. These often plays out in practical terms as providing land, labor, supplemental funding, or some other contribution toward their own future well-being.

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